Worlds Best Gamers Go to FL ... but not to work on their farmers tan!

I know what you're thinking... "What could the worlds best gamers be doing in the sunshine state of all places?!"  The answer is they are competing in the World Cyber Games USA finals at the Universal Orlando Resort.  Samsung, Circuit City, and Universal Orlando Resort are some of the proud sponsors of this event.  This is your last chance to get your game on professionally and be entered to win $100,000+ in cash and prizes!  Check out the press release here to see how to enter.

Metal Gear Solid turns 20 and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Video (15 Minutes worth!)

Check out the following press release from Konami here.  It talks about the evolution of the Metal Gear series into MGS4 and how both MGS4 and MGS:PO Plus are going to have online multiplayer in a way different than we've seen in tactical shooters before.  Also, if you want to see in-game footage of Snake showing the baddies who's boss... then you HAVE to watch this.  Kids, start ordering your PS3s at their new reduced price now!


Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles gets Co-op play confirmed

*sings* O' happy day! */sings* You guessed right boys and girls... the upcoming shooter that I'm dying (or just undead) to play.  Of course we've all seen the videos from E3 this year showcasing the controls as well as the video posted on here.  To read the rest of the co-op press release click here. Now boys and girls you can blast away those zombies with the help of your friend on the Wii!

The Next Generation of horror is Silent-ly approaching...

Today screen shots were released for a game that has been rumored for some time... Konami's newest in their horror franchise Silent Hill video game series.  Silent Hill 5 will be featured on the PS3 and 360 and will be the first in the Silent Hill series to support high definition graphics <insert jump for joy here>.  The following two screens are the only lead we have right now as to the beauty/creepiness that lay ahead... click on the pictures to enjoy their high-def goodness!  Read the press release from Konami here.


Game Jackal Back from Dead Thanks to SlySoft


Slysoft's Game Jackal website.

Excellent news for us Game Jackal users as the sting is still present from waking up January 1st to discover that Game Jackal was no more. However SlySoft, known for their consumer friendly stance, has acquired the Game Jackal product line. Click "Read More" for SlySoft's press release.

E3 2006 Interview - Crysis Lead Level Designer

Here is an interview with the Crysis Lead Level Designer Sten Hubler. Click "Read More" for the video exclusive! This is probably one of the best games of E3 according to us at you all should check out this interview and footage.

Interview with WV Public Schools About the DDR Initiative (Part 2)

This is the second part of our DDR in West Virginia Public Schools coverage. Click the "Read More" button to read this interview with Melanie Purkey, the Director of the Office of Healthy Schools.

Konami Interview About WV DDR Initiative in Public Schools

When this story first broke with Konami providing DDR for every school in West Virginia I couldn't resist. I had to talk to Konami about this (and the WV School System but that's for later)... so I finally got through to Clara Gilbert who along with being SUPER nice (and lol'ing a lot) is Konami's Director of Business Partnerships.

We will be posting Part 2 of this story soon with an interview with Melanie Perky who is the Director for Office of Healthy Schools in WV. Click "Read More" for the Interview.

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