Silent Hill: Homecoming Official Trailer Released

Sorry it took me a bit to get this trailer up gang! You know I love Silent Hill and this trailer really looks like it's bringing the fear back into the series in a very direct way! Enjoy and remember... when you find him... everything changes. ;-)

That time of the year again, E3!

Although this year won't be quite as exciting as past years, due to E3 shooting themselves in the foot and not welcoming public to access all the wonderful information that is usually reserved for press... I am still excited about it!

Don King Presents: Prizefighter Video and Press Release

Ok gang, you know the deal, the trailer is below and if you'd like to view the full press release click "Read More" or the title of this article!

Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson defends video games...GTA IV

Jeremy Clarkson, mostly known for being one of the hosts on the insanely popular motoring show, Top Gear, defended games like GTA IV this week.

"This week the latest version of videogame Grand Theft Auto hit the shelves -- and pretty soon it will be cited as the reason why people feel compelled to lock their children in cellars, why Israel cannot find peace with the Palestinians and why everyone in Britain has been stabbed."

Hmmm, I played an earlier version of the game and must say that at no point did I feel the need to go outside and chop off a prostitute's head.

In fact, as is the case with most videogames, I hadn't a clue what was going on. I sat there, frantically stabbing at all the buttons, until a message on the screen told me the game was over.

It was annoying. Not dangerous."

Clarkson is infact a gamer, as shown in the Top Gear episode where he tried to beat his virtual lap times in real life.

Now, if we could only find a way to shut up Jack Thompson and his idiot followers...

Game classic Splatterhouse heads to next gen!

Details are still very scarce up to this point but according to EGM the classic game that "began" the survival horror franchise will be having a revival on the next generation console(s).  In homage of this (hopefully) wonderful new remake of one of my favorite classics I figured I would post up the box art from Splatterhouse 2 (my favorite of the series).  Now I just have to wait till June to get to see this EGM cover!  =(

Video Game Law Cases and Case Summaries

I know I've posted links to this group before but if you haven't already subscribed to the Davis LLP - Video Game Law Blog you really should (click here for RSS link).  Davis LLP has compiled a nice printable PDF of all the major video game law cases as far back as 1981 with links to articles at Davis LLP describing the cases and outcomes.  If you care about the industry and want to know how it's been shaped legally up till now you really should do yourself the favor of reading through this to gain an understanding of what the gaming industry has had to go through.



For anyone who knows me or has been reading for the past few years there is one thing that is certain.  I love gun games.  My collection of light guns and "zappers" is really to be marveled at (yes, I've considered a glass case to display them 16 of them in).  Finally though, a true "arcade-only" classic is coming to the home systems.  One of the many shooting games I cut my teeth on years ago is finally making it's way to the Wii.  Target: Terror is that beloved game we all remember where the bad guys looked, well, like escapee's from a Rambo movie and the civilians all looked rather hilarious.  Here is a direct link to Konami where you can purchase the game directly.  If you'd like to play a web-based version of the game you can do so at Target: Terror's official site here.  Lastly, if you'd like to read Konami's whole press release regarding Target: Terror hitting retails shelves you can click "Read More" below.

King of the Brawlers Crowned

After a month long national tournament, Lee Martin of Houma, Louisiana, was named the Grand Prize winner of the Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament sponsored by GameStop, Corp.  Martin battled over 60 opponents prior to the finals, where he was pitted against 12 of the top brawlers from across the nation.  For being crowned the Grand Prize winner, Martin received a Vizio 37” LCD-TV, an entire Nintendo Wii Software Library, one Nintendo Wii console and selected accessories and $5,000 in cash.


Click here for the full story.

Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe... yes, you read that right

I know you just read that headline and thought to yourself, "Certainly not"... it can't be.  Oh but it can!  You can check out the official webpage here as well as the video trailer (which doesn't really show much gameplay besides the two characters below fighting in a style similar to the last Mortal Kombat incarnation.  Mortal Kombat and the crew at Midway aren't exactly known for their tie-in's regarding the Mortal Kombat franchise but this deviation seems to be a welcome one.  The only downside for diehard fans of the series is that Midway has announced a "new fighting style" as well as "no fatalities" in this upcoming title.  Still... with Batman and crew in the mix the game promises not to be Mortal Tiddlywinks anytime soon.

Mario Kart Wii speeding into stores this April.

One of the most anticipated titles for the Wii, "Mario Kart Wii" is set to arrive in stores on April 27.  The game will come with the Wii Wheel, which will allow even new players to the series to jump right in with the old pro's.  Most exciting of all, with Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, players will be able to race with up to 11 other players from all over the world.

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