Resident Evil 5 gets a street date and new footage


Who loves survival horror?  I love survival horror.  Who does Capcom love?  The people that love survival horror!  Because their love for us is so great, they’ve given us a new teaser video with some excellent footage never seen before as well as some cheesy pseudo-sexual laden conversation between two people (don’t worry gang, it’s still safe for work).  Skip to 1:19 to get straight to the in-game footage.  Resident Evil 5 will be hitting store shelves everywhere March 13th 2009 and you can download the demo now on Xbox Live!

Click read more to watch the trailer.Re_5_logo_5500_300dpi_Resident_Evil_v2

Black Mesa

     After playing Half Life 2 (or one of its expansions) have you thought what the original would be like with a true source engine upgrade?  Well so did these individuals and they set off do something about it.   The result is the forthcoming Black Mesa Source, where Gordon Freedman began his adventure from saving the world from other-dimensional beings now in glorious HD.

     To fully appreciate their effort and a new look at trip down memory lane please viddy the the trailer below.

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles - Gameplay Video

Here is some video straight from Capcom showing the incredible gameplay we'll be seeing very soon from Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. Click the "Read More" link to watch Wesker talk trash and shoot some mutant zombie butt!

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