Defining the Future, An Interview with the Developers of Eclipse Phase, Part 3

This is the third part of an interview we conducted with the developers of Eclipse Phase, Rob Boyle and Brian Cross at Gencon Indy 2008. In this final segment they discuss some of their plans for their upcoming game including art direction and their unique form of community setting development. Part 1 can be found here and the second part here

Eclipse Phase- Defining the Future, Part 2

Here is a continuation of last week's interview with Eclipse Phase developers Brian Cross and Rob Boyle. This is part of an hour long transcript we made while meeting with the developers at Gencon Indy. Part three will be published next week and will conclude the interview.

Gencon 2008 - Defining the Future: Eclipse Phase Part I

Earth is gone. Mankind is now a digital species whose consciousnesses exist as streams of data awaiting a new home, be it an idealized meat body or a robotic working husk. Scattered amongst the planets, our homeworld gone, humanity is dying. This is the world Eclipse Phase, an upcoming sci-fi horror RPG from Catalyst Game Labs. While at Gencon 2008 we sat down with designers Rob Boyle and Brian Cross for a conversation about their upcoming tabletop RPG.

Interview with Roby Lee - Silent Hill 2 and Teen Titans movies in the works

Yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing a new kid to the acting game. Roby Lee. After desperately searching for ways to uncover the truth about the Silent Hill 2 Movie I found him on IMDB and then went on a web-search to track him down to talk to him. Lucky for all of us I found him and he had more than Silent Hill to talk about! Oh yea, and there is a Teen Titans movie in the works. ya know, if you care about that sort of thing. ;-) Read the interview here.


E3 2006 Interview - Crysis Lead Level Designer

Here is an interview with the Crysis Lead Level Designer Sten Hubler. Click "Read More" for the video exclusive! This is probably one of the best games of E3 according to us at you all should check out this interview and footage.

Interview with WV Public Schools About the DDR Initiative (Part 2)

This is the second part of our DDR in West Virginia Public Schools coverage. Click the "Read More" button to read this interview with Melanie Purkey, the Director of the Office of Healthy Schools.

Konami Interview About WV DDR Initiative in Public Schools

When this story first broke with Konami providing DDR for every school in West Virginia I couldn't resist. I had to talk to Konami about this (and the WV School System but that's for later)... so I finally got through to Clara Gilbert who along with being SUPER nice (and lol'ing a lot) is Konami's Director of Business Partnerships.

We will be posting Part 2 of this story soon with an interview with Melanie Perky who is the Director for Office of Healthy Schools in WV. Click "Read More" for the Interview.

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