Resident Evil 5 gets a street date and new footage


Who loves survival horror?  I love survival horror.  Who does Capcom love?  The people that love survival horror!  Because their love for us is so great, they’ve given us a new teaser video with some excellent footage never seen before as well as some cheesy pseudo-sexual laden conversation between two people (don’t worry gang, it’s still safe for work).  Skip to 1:19 to get straight to the in-game footage.  Resident Evil 5 will be hitting store shelves everywhere March 13th 2009 and you can download the demo now on Xbox Live!

Click read more to watch the trailer.Re_5_logo_5500_300dpi_Resident_Evil_v2

The Godfather II - Extortion Video

Here is a little video from EA showing the finer points of extorting money from helpless business owners by intimidating and brutalizing them into forking over some cash.

Jonathan Coulton singing Still Alive in Rock Band

Jonathan Coulton, the one who wrote "Still Alive," performs the beloved song in Rock Band at the Valve Party at the 2008 Game Developers Conference.

Duke Nukem Forever Teaser Released!

Click "Read More" for the Duke Nukem Forever trailer! It can be downloaded and played on your iPod and PSP (just subscribe to our RSS!)! Could the ten year wait almost be over?!

Make a Digital Whiteboard Using a Wiimote

It's not done how you might think...  This is very impressive.

Hunting the Big Daddy: A New Bioshock Trailer

The latest Bioshock trailer is out and, I'm happy to say, it does not disappoint. It's about six minutes or so long and shows the hunting of what has become on of Bioshock's signature antagonists, the "Big Daddy" and his corpse harvesting little sister. We get to see more of the Bioshock environment in all of is damp deco glory as well as a great preview of some of the abilities that players will have at their disposal. This game is not yet rated.

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