King's Bounty at Gencon 2008

When we were at Gencon late last week we stopped by and had a chat with the folks from Atari and took a look at one of their most interesting upcoming titles, King's Bounty: The Legend.

King's Bounty: The Legend is a followup to one of New World Computing's earliest games, King's Bounty. While the latter was published almost two decades ago on the PC and later on the Genesis, King's Bounty: The Legend appears to have retained many of the core aspects of gameplay that made its predecessor, a forerunner to the Heroes of Might and Magic series, so much fun. After an impromptu demo and play through on the Gencon exhibitor's hall floor here are our impressions. at Gencon 2008

Keep your eyes open this week for on-site coverage of Gencon 2008! Bluealien is heading up to Indianapolis Wednesday and we will be posting video, audio and articles as we get them.

Nobunaga's Ambition - Returning at Last!

Before Dynasty Warriors became a phenomenon on the PS2 Koei was better known for their strategy games, such as Operation Europe and Pacific Theater of Operations, as well as roleplaying games such as the Uncharted Waters series.

Windchaser: Real Time Tactics in an Age of Flying Sail

German developer Chimera Entertainment just announced that they are developing the game Windchase for the PC. Expected to be released in Germany in Q1 2008 Windchaser is proposed to be a realtime tactical game. Set in a fantasy world where air frigates sail the skies players will recruit and train fighters and upgrade their ships, sending their crews to board and take the enemy's ships. Still very early in the concept phase Windchaser is produced and will be published by Anaconda Games, publishers of Dreamfall: the Longest Journey and the upcoming first person shooter Red Ocean

Windchaser_HQ-Rendering Windchase_Painting-Rift Windchase_Painting-EnsaiPlains

Hunting the Big Daddy: A New Bioshock Trailer

The latest Bioshock trailer is out and, I'm happy to say, it does not disappoint. It's about six minutes or so long and shows the hunting of what has become on of Bioshock's signature antagonists, the "Big Daddy" and his corpse harvesting little sister. We get to see more of the Bioshock environment in all of is damp deco glory as well as a great preview of some of the abilities that players will have at their disposal. This game is not yet rated.

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Atlus to Bring Dungeon Crawl Hit to the US


Etrian Odyssey, from the designer of Trauma Center: Under the Knife and a huge seller in Japan is coming to the United States in the 2nd quarter of 2007. Etrian Oddysey comes from the same publisher as Trauma Center, Atlus USA.

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