Windows Services & Background Applications

What do you do before launching that demanding PC game? In the past I had created a custom Startup Procedure through Startup Cop, a PC Magazine Utility (pops).

Now I use another utility from PC Mag entitled EndItAll 2 to close all uncessary applications. When I am done gaming I just restart Windows.

Today on Digg (pops) I discovered a FREE method of batch starting/stoping services via this link

For more information on services check out MajorGeeks, which has archived Black Viper's Services Guide for WinXP (pops).

PS3 Cell Technology Demo

Thanks goes out to for this story:

Apparently there is a Japanese news team that has a video that demo's the PS3's impressive Cell processing technology. The video is rendered LIVE in REAL TIME... you have to see it to believe it.

Check it out here! Now just imagine that in combination with the Sony EyeToy... unreal.

The biggest thing Sony's NOT talking about....

So apparently Sony has slipped one of the coolest things I've seen in a while under everyone's radar. Their "LocationFree" products are absolutely ridiculous. I discovered this when I was looking through what all the new v2.5 Firmware for the PSP had on it when I noticed something I wasn't familiar with... "LocationFree" and decided to check it out... low and behold Sony released this set of devices without one iota of fanfare.

F.E.A.R. is hard

I am on "Interval 04" and it is a bitch - maybe I just suck, which is probably true, but damn - the AI in this game is really good - they hide, crouch, try to flank you - its tough. However, it is definitely worth your cash. Highly recommended even though it runs a tad sluggish on my laptop.

Game stuff

Has anyone tried Call of Duty 2 yet? It looks great on the XBOX 360 that I saw for the first time tonight at the Charleston Town Center. Speaking of the XBOX 360, damn it looks amazing - I might be a convert yet!

DannyMac publishes story

DannyMac, today, published a story to see if he can do it. When asked about how nice this content management system is, he responded, "Yeah, this seems pretty cool, STFU."

Module Suggestions

I want everyone to check out this site and let me know what modules you think we may need/want here at v4.0.

NewAlien.... I mean BlueAlien v4.0!

I just wanted to welcome everyone to the rough testing as we all figure this out. I'm really excited to see a lot more content posted on here... I think we're all just excited in general. Browse around, check it out! =)

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