10 Most Violent Games Named

Over here at Gamespot they have a list of the 10 most violent video games. They are ranked by their violence and content by the Family Media Center (a watchdog group A copy of the list is here... click read more for the list as posted on their site.

Restoring old stuff - Javapad

Apparently we get a LOT of hits for Javapad so I wanted to go ahead and repost it for everyone who wanted to grab it. It's attached to this post.

Why is Uwe Boll still allowed to direct films....?

I've never played one single Bloodrayne game... I'll be honest about that. So I cannot be sure about many things regarding the new Bloodrayne trailer. I can however be sure that Uwe Boll is going to kill this movie franchise like he's kill so many others. I know Meatloaf was great in Fight Club, but come on when he's one of the leads in the credits that you're touting... well god help you.

Black Friday Deals

Apparently Phillip Denton has been busy at UK. Not with his studies... who needs that when you're compiling an awesome list of Black Friday Deals!? Anyway check out his list or click "read more" to see a repost of it here.

Paid to Play Soul Caliber

Ok, I just got the following email in my inbox and I wanted to share it, in case we had any west coast readers who could actually do this:

"Namco will be conducting focus groups to discuss Soul Calibur and other games on Wednesday, December 14 in the Los Angeles area.
If you qualify, the discussion will last approximately 2 hours and participants will be paid $100.

Old Repost - GT3 Speed Record

Check out the attached file for a speed record in Gran Turismo 3 of 2.14 BILLION MPH.


Face Recognition (sorta)

So in my daily blog reading yesterday I came across this site. The premise is pretty cool, this site is going to take pictures from people who want to know their ancestory and compare their facial geometry to that of thousands of others based on time and location. That part of their site, however, isn't up yet (and I have a feeling it will come with a fee). You CAN however upload a photo to see what celebrities your facial geometry resemebles.

This link may work and it may not but we'll try it anyway... this is a direct link to the celeb look-alike area:

x64 Support Only 32-bits Short

Well having been fed up with a reoccurring problem that nobody could locate an easy fix to gave me reason to nuke MCE 2k5 and replace with a shiney new edition of XP Professional x64.
Well there appears to be a slight speed boast (Booting is around a minute from a cold start to the desktop). Applications do appear to be more responsive. I keep hedging because any clean OS install will be faster than the previous base. I am only about 15 hours into the setup. A lot of tweaking and configuring left.
However there are a few gotchas:

MS Gives Sony a Prostate Exam

Just when you thought everyone in the world had stuck it to Sony. Every bad piece of press imaginable had come out and lambasted them... Suddenly it's Microsoft's turn. Now Microsoft (king of all things profit-making) has labeled Sony's rootkit as Spyware and promised their Anti-Spyware product will remove it.

You could argue that Microsoft is trying to give Sony any bad press they can... as much as I hate to admit it. If I was MS I'd be doing the same thing right about now. Then again... at Sony they

GTA:LCS Custom Soundtrack Editor

So Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories had boasted that you could edit the track list but no one knew how. Apparently Rockstar was a little late in releasing this handy little app to do it for you. Be aware however if you're using a custom soundtrack the default radio stations will not be available.

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