Robot with Self-Awareness

In the category of "scary stuff I've read recently" we have a robot which can recognize itself in the mirror from another robot that's exactly the same. Self-awareness is their first step in the setup of giving emotions to machines. Did these people not watch The Terminator!?

I'll start constructing idols to our mechanized lords now... the sooner I get started the better. - Thanks Slashdot

Video Game Lawsuits of Yesterday and Today

1-Up.com really has some great writers... better than myself anyway. In this particular article they look into the history of Video Game Trials and how it has helped to shape the industry. Definitely worth the read... also you can check out the highlights here by clicking the read more link.

Another movie trailer - Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest

I'll be honest, I didn't have high hopes for Pirates of the Caribbean but it really fooled me. It was way better than I had expected and I knew they were working on a sequal... what I didn't know was that it was this close to coming out.

Nintendo Revolution Tested

Somehow Chris Morris at CNN.com has been able to do something unnatural to the right people at Nintendo. He's gotten his midget-like hands onto the Nintendo Revolution. You can read about his leprechaun-like luck here.

Dungeon & Dragons Online - Closed Stress Test 2

This Bluenews article (pops) points to Dungeon & Dragons Online Closed Stress Test (pops). This offers is free to subscription/non-subscription members of FilePlanet and the test is Friday, December 16, from 6pm EST until 10pm EST with limited slots (beta keys).

Resident Evil 5 Details Released

Since I received two separate IM's about this I figured I could post it. Apparently Resident Evil 5 is going to be the first Resident Evil title ever simultaneously released on multiple consoles at launch. This Resident Evil also has some online modes of play but Capcom's R&D Chief Keiji Inafune wouldn't elaborate.

How A Light Gun Works

As you may have guessed this link is found at the ever-popular HowStuffWorks.com. I have to admit this is something that while I've played them for years I've never known the technical details about light gun games and how they actually interact with the console/TV. - Thanks Digg.com

Diskeeper 10

Formerly Executive Software International now Diskeeper Corporation has released Diskeeper 10. This awesome software package allows “Set It and Forget It”® Simplicity, which translates to the automatic scheduling of disk deframentation.
A lite version of the technology is bundled within Microsoft's latest OSes (AFAIK starting with Windows 2000). If you want the real deal and x64 support check it out.

This is a personal endorsement not a paid advertisement.

LAN Party Page

It isn't a real party until there are guts on the floor.  Dammit!  Whose spleen is that?

*Working* PC capable of running Unreal Tournament, *preferably* capable of running Unreal Tournament 2004 decently.

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