We love you, Jack Thompson

If there's someone we gamers love more than anyone else on the planet, it's Jack Thompson. That's why we should all join together and send him hordes and hordes of flowers!

Silent Hill Movie Trailer 2

Ok, so remember the last trailer? This one is like one BILLION times better!

This is the second trailer for the upcoming Sony Motion Pictures movie Silent Hill is out! Click the "Read More" button to view it here at BlueAlien.org! Also... just take note, the film is set in "Toluca County, West Virginia"... yea, you heard right West Virginia is the setting for the Silent Hill Movie. Booya!

Ready for a bit of the old ultraviolet?

Fans of Gun Kata from Equilibrium will have something to cheer about. As Milla Jovovich is Violet in Kurt Wimmer's futuristic action title Ultraviolet. See the trailer here Ugo (via

Transformers Movie Test Footage

The site that I got this from was so bogged down with hits it wasn't playing so I grabbed it and decided to mirror it here (thank me later Munroe). =) Check out this test footage and cool CG from the Transformers Live Action movie. To watch it in your browser click "Read More".

A Very Funny Interview with Uwe Boll

In the list of "reasons to shit in Uwe Boll's breakfast" I've found yet another one. Not only is he a bad director (which could arguably happen to anyone except Steven Spielberg) that occasionally makes movies and ruins dreams... he's also an idiot. I'd like to point out that the two are not mutually exclusive. But when you read this interview with Uwe Boll that 1Up.com conducts... well... you can't help but laugh at someone this stupid.

Xbox 360 Backward Compatibility List

If you happen to have wiped your behind with money or found a leprechaun right before Christmas you may just own an Xbox 360. In case you all wondered what games you can (and cannot) play on your new Xbox360... the list is here.

Gameboy/NDS Movie/Picture/Homebrew/Emulation Loader

This company seems to be begging for a Nintendo lawsuit. Though as far as I know Nintendo hasn't gone after the homebrew community as aggressively as Sony and Microsoft have. The M3 Perfect (with both a Compact Flash and SD Stick version) seems to be the perfect device for any Nintendo fan who wants to have all their games to go.

WinPcap x64 Version

WinPcap has released an alpha version WinPcap 3.2 that supports x64. A great packet capturing application useful to trackdown streaming media (as used in URL Helper.)

64-bit Half-Life 2 / Lost Coast

The title says it all - as Valve has released updated native 64-bit versions of Half-Life 2 and the demo Lost Coast. When starting either game Steam will autodetect the OS and autoupdate the appropriate files. Here is the Press Release. Super thanks to Digg.

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