Tongue-tied Tech Transmission

A teeming troop of Microsoft's tasty technology tidbits are tremedously touted but treated with trepidation from tired old-time testers.

One tech that ties into dance pads is the Step User Interface [tips hats to Makezine in thanks].

A more tempting teaser is the Origami project.

Interview with WV Public Schools About the DDR Initiative (Part 2)

This is the second part of our DDR in West Virginia Public Schools coverage. Click the "Read More" button to read this interview with Melanie Purkey, the Director of the Office of Healthy Schools.

Konami Interview About WV DDR Initiative in Public Schools

When this story first broke with Konami providing DDR for every school in West Virginia I couldn't resist. I had to talk to Konami about this (and the WV School System but that's for later)... so I finally got through to Clara Gilbert who along with being SUPER nice (and lol'ing a lot) is Konami's Director of Business Partnerships.

We will be posting Part 2 of this story soon with an interview with Melanie Perky who is the Director for Office of Healthy Schools in WV. Click "Read More" for the Interview.

House of the Dead 4 Special

Thanks to CyberUndead for posting the article about game guns that you can use with your projection TV. I'm anxious to pick some up. However... I would be more anxious to visit Tokoyo to play House of the Dead 4 Special (Thanks IGN)!!! Let's look at the features:

  • 2... Count em 2 100" screens. (Yes, that's TWO ONE HUNDRED INCH SCREENS!)
  • Vibrating seats... who doesn't love a vibrating seat?!
  • A puff of air in the face when you're attacked by a zombie.... which will be awesome if they make it smell like zombie breath!
  • Main weapon = Machine Gun
  • Crazy weapon = Grenade Launcher

If you're interested in seeing the first level played through I found a video from a site called VideoGamerX and you can watch it by clicking the "Read More" link.

Unleash your Gaming Beast

ExtremeTech reviews the WolfKing Warrior Game Keypad. WolfKing has severed their unique gaming pad from the Timberwolf keyboard for people who want the functionality without a new keyboard.

Comp-U-Plus has the device listed at $36.99 while MWave has a slightly cheaper $34.99.

Heading into the danger zone.

EMS Production Limited has released a revolutionary product the LCD TopGun. Yes a lightgun that not only transcends multiple formats but also multiple televisions.

Here is the description from their website:

LCD TopGun is the first light gun to support CRT, LCD, Plasma, as well as Projector. It supports every Gun Shooting games in PC, PS 2â„¢ and Xboxâ„¢. Now you can enjoy Gun Shooting games with your LCD or Plasma or everything you like, instead of your old and small CRT TV.

Thanks to /. for bringing this to my attention.

Dan Kehde's New Romantic Comedy

The Contemporary Youth Arts Company will be preforming Dan Kehde's new work Dancing With Grace. If you'd like to read an overview of the story click "Read More" at the bottom.


Thursday February 16
Friday Feb.17
Saturday Feb.18
Thursday Feb. 23
Friday Feb. 24
Saturday Feb. 25

WVSU Capitol Center Theater
123 Summers Street, Charleston

Tickets are $9.50 for adults, $5.50 for students and seniors and may be
purchased at the door on the evenings of the performances.

WVSU Capitol Center Theater
123 Summers Street, Charleston.

Members Page Up

I just wanted to drop this quick note. The "Members" page is up and online. (That is to say with the exception of Nick's strange icon that we don't ask about.) It's now added to the links at the top of the page.

Female? Want to urinate like a male?

OK, so we all know that if you are a guy, then you better piss standing up, or you are gay. Simple fact is, we still have a CHOICE of which way we wee-wee.
True story.
However, females are known to only go one way, until now.
HERE you will find a product that I doubt will ever catch on, but still entertaining to read about. Ladies, I must warn you. If most guys see you peeing standing up, they will proceed to turn 180 degrees and walk briskly.

Introducing the Nintendo DS Lite

Effin' A! Nintendo is coming out with a redesigned Nintendo DS called the Nintendo DS Lite.

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