BioShock Street Date Upheld

With all the rumor and confusion surrounding Toys R' Us breaking the street date of BioShock in a few locations as well as running an add proclaiming the game was "Available now" we decided to contact our 2K Games reps and find out the official story.  The following is their response:


It recently came to 2K Games' attention that one of our retail partners prematurely sold some copies of BioShock prior to the game's official launch date. Retailers are typically shipped product in advance to ensure they can meet launch day demand on street-dated product. As a result, a few people were able to purchase the game early. Additionally, a TV advertisement for BioShock prematurely ran that incorrectly indicated that the game was available for purchase. 2K Games has reached out to our retail partners and is maintaining the street date of August 21st in North America and August 24th in Europe, when BioShock will be available at retailers. 2K Games is appreciative of the gamer excitement and critical acclaim leading up to the title's launch.


It appears all you gamers feverishly awaiting the game will have to hold your breath a few more days.  The 21st will be here before you know it!  ;-)  To tide all you ravenous fans over here is a link to the official art book...  Breaking The Mold: BioShock.


BioShock, avalible... NOW??

According to MaxConsole:

"It has been confirmed that BioShock will be sold through every store right now that has stock. Toys 'R Us in the USA sparked the frenzy by running a commericial which said Bioshock was 'available now'. However, there still remains some confusion on the matter so you may not be able to get your hands on a copy right away until things have been fully cleared up."

Bioshock is amazing, go download it NOW!

OK, so I just recently got my intertubes hooked back up and working. Of course the first thing I did was turn on the 360 and start to download the Bioshock demo, which came out yesterday. Read the full preview here.

BioShock surprise coming? Watch Spike TV and find out with the rest of us!

In a new and interesting move by 2K Games they have partnered with Spike TV to help promote BioShock by airing a 60 second clip of game footage along with an announcement at the end of the footage regarding a secret that even those of us in the industry are not aware of announced by Game Head's Geoff Keighley.  Check out the full press release regarding the upcoming secret announcement from our friends at 2K Games here.

Judge Terminates Anti-Video Game Law, but Governor Schwarzenegger Wants It Back

Just recently recieved this email on our Press/News box. Click here to read the full press release.

Spread the word.

"Dear Gaming Industry Member,
As many of you may know, a judge recently terminated California's Anti-Video Game Bill, AB1179, because it was unconstitutional. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is trying to appeal this ruling and get the law back. As a long standing member of the gaming community, MMPR has written the Governor urging him to stop the appeal of this ruling. We know that many of you have already reported on this story this week on your websites. We would like to encourage you, if you haven't done so already, to provide your readers with the information below from the so that they can get involved in fighting this Bill. We appreciate any help you can provide in spreading the word.

Interview with Roby Lee - Silent Hill 2 and Teen Titans movies in the works

Yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing a new kid to the acting game. Roby Lee. After desperately searching for ways to uncover the truth about the Silent Hill 2 Movie I found him on IMDB and then went on a web-search to track him down to talk to him. Lucky for all of us I found him and he had more than Silent Hill to talk about! Oh yea, and there is a Teen Titans movie in the works. ya know, if you care about that sort of thing. ;-) Read the interview here.


Resident Evil 5 Extended Trailer available NOW

Ok, so if you have been living in a cave since E3 then maybe you haven't seen the original RE5 trailer yet.  My guess however is that most of you have seen it, but the big complaint (at least from me) regarding the trailer was it didn't show too much gameplay footage.  This trailer remedies that and more... and actually gives me the feeling that what I thought before was cinematics, is actually in game play!



Click here to view the trailer and agree to the terms and conditions (Click here if you are 18 years old or older).

Click here to go to a more age appropriate site if you are under 18.

Worlds Best Gamers Go to FL ... but not to work on their farmers tan!

I know what you're thinking... "What could the worlds best gamers be doing in the sunshine state of all places?!"  The answer is they are competing in the World Cyber Games USA finals at the Universal Orlando Resort.  Samsung, Circuit City, and Universal Orlando Resort are some of the proud sponsors of this event.  This is your last chance to get your game on professionally and be entered to win $100,000+ in cash and prizes!  Check out the press release here to see how to enter.

Metal Gear Solid turns 20 and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Video (15 Minutes worth!)

Check out the following press release from Konami here.  It talks about the evolution of the Metal Gear series into MGS4 and how both MGS4 and MGS:PO Plus are going to have online multiplayer in a way different than we've seen in tactical shooters before.  Also, if you want to see in-game footage of Snake showing the baddies who's boss... then you HAVE to watch this.  Kids, start ordering your PS3s at their new reduced price now!


Windows Live Writer = Remote Blogging

     If you are reading this post you can see that persistence does pay off.  Thanks to a posting at SimplyBuzz outlining a simple .htaccess setting Remote Blogging comes to BlueAlien.  Remember folks Google is your friend. 

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