Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles - Gameplay Video

Here is some video straight from Capcom showing the incredible gameplay we'll be seeing very soon from Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. Click the "Read More" link to watch Wesker talk trash and shoot some mutant zombie butt!

EA Buys Pandemic / BioWare

The latest GameInformer newsletter mentions some import news as I am fan of both companies.  EA has purchased BioWare and Pandemic Studios for a cool $860 million.   I am anxious to see how this plays out in the future.  All is not lost as mentioned when a big publisher snatches up a developer as in this story Bungie regained their independence from Microsoft after releasing at least 2 console moving titles.  The purchase details can be found here

Orange Box

Valve's Orange Box will drop October 10th.  There is still time to preorder at the 10% discount so you can preload both Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and Portal so when the clock strikes midnight on 10/10 10/9 you *may get your game on.  Team Fortress 2 can be downloaded after purchase in Beta form Steam see

* Provided Valve's servers can handle the traffic load via Steam.

XBox 360 Arcade

     Engadget here points out the speculation of a new SKU for the XBox 360 console.  CNet reports that the new Arcade will replace the Core system but come with an HDMI output, wireless controller and 256MB memory unit however still no hard drive.  The Arcade in the title indicates that five XBLA titles (Boom-Boom Rocket, Pac-man, Uno, Feeding Frenzy, and Luxor 2) will come preloaded/bundled disc with the system.  Thanks to both Amazon and Toys R' Us jumping the gun the rumors have meat that the system will be released.  Unfortunately the earlier omissions have since been pulled.  The expected release date is October 23rd.


Here is the official product page from Microsoft:

Nintendo Wiimote Sleeves *FREE*

Nintendo has started packing safety sleeves with their Wii consoles.  If you have already purchased your console apply for the free sleeves here  The Wiimote sleeves will start shipping October 15th.  This message is for those who somehow missed their glowing blue slot as Nintendo sent out a message earlier this week.

Bungie cuts cord from Microsoft

It's official as Bungie want's to return to being an independent developer and is ready to part ways with Microsoft.  The official press release can be found here after speculation was up this MTV article

Command & Conquer

Command & Conquer 12th Anniversary

In celebration of Command & Conquer's 12th year anniversary they have decided to release the original for free as ISO images.

For you new RTS fans don't miss out a classic and download your FREE copy of the original today.

Grab the original from here:

BioShock Orchestral Score Available for Download

Thanks again are due to the folks at 2K Games for giving us FOR FREE the ability to download the BioShock Orchestral Soundtrack.  Check out the site here:

The Cult of Rapture

And then download the soundtrack here:

Download the orchestral score

You have got to be kidding me: Microsoft Sidewinder Mouse

OK, so I stumbled upon Microsoft's newest mouse, the Sidewinder. Instantly I was reminded of when EVERYONE had a sidewinder gaming pad, back in the duke nukem days. So I figured I would give it a look.

Click here to <begin rant>

Depths of Peril demo released

For those of you looking for a new RPG experience that doesn't require an PCI-E video card and 2Gb of RAM may want to check out the following demoClick here for the full press release.  Steven Peeler's (former Technical Director for Ritual Entertainment, has worked on Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2, Star Trek: Elite Force II, and Counter-Strike: Condition Zero among many others) new studio Soldak Entertainment is bringing some experience to a well-loved genre of gaming.  I'm installing the demo right now and look forward to protecting the barbarian city of Jorvik and destroying all who oppose me!  *cue evil laugh here*


Besides... with the demo clocking in at a mere 64Mb it's worth the couple of minutes it'll take you to download it.  =) 

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