Resident Evil 5 Details Released

Since I received two separate IM's about this I figured I could post it. Apparently Resident Evil 5 is going to be the first Resident Evil title ever simultaneously released on multiple consoles at launch. This Resident Evil also has some online modes of play but Capcom's R&D Chief Keiji Inafune wouldn't elaborate.

Essentially I think Capcom has realized the cash-cow that is the coveted multiple system release (kind of like a multiple orgasm for a game company). They saw how gamers who were too console loyal to do anything else ate up Resident Evil 4 on the PS2… I knew one guy who was about one week from buying a Gamecube JUST to play Resident Evil 4.

Also I'd really like to think they do something better with the “online gameplay” than simply doing another Resident Evil Outbreak. Or for Christ's sake… if you're going to make another Outbreak game… give us some sort of SPEECH SYSTEM!!! I'm hoping however they're planning a little larger than that… maybe like an online war game with Xbox360 zombies versus PS3 zombies… that would be great. =)