Resident Evil 5 Leaked

Capcom is ready for the release of Resident Evil 5 on Friday March 13 on the Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms. However, Capcom has encountered problems because the Xbox 360 version of Resident Evil 5 has been leaked to torrent sites. All 6.71 GB of the game were leaked and it is thought that the full single player mode is available for play. Click read more to see the official statement from Chris Kramer at Capcom. (Thanks to Game Spy

Resident Evil 5 Box Art by GamersPlatform.


“Resident Evil 5 is the amazing end result of hundreds of people around the globe contributing tens of thousands of man hours to production, design and publishing, along with tens of millions of dollars invested by Capcom. It is unfortunate that there are those few who choose to disrespect the time, effort and artistry that has been put into this game by embracing software piracy, thereby jeopardizing both the future of the Resident Evil franchise and Capcom as a publisher and developer of interactive entertainment. We'd like to thank all the fans who are eagerly anticipating the release of Resident Evil 5 in North America and Europe on Friday the 13, March 2009 and promise them that their patience will soon be rewarded.”