G.I. Joe

EA announced today that they are developing a G.I. Joe game to coincide with the upcoming theatrical release of G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra. The game will released for all major consoles and hand-held devices this summer. “EA is excited to play a major role in bringing this icon of pop culture history to a new generation of enthusiasts through interactive gaming,” said Chip Lange, General Manager and Vice President of EA Hasbro. The game will pick up where the movie leaves off, so players can re-create and re-live their favorite parts from the film. There will be 12 G.I. Joe characters to choose from, with each character having their own special attributes, abilities, and weapons. Another interesting feature is the single-screen co-op mode, which allows players to team up to take down the evil COBRA organization. I only hope there are life lessons at the end of missions urging kids to look both ways before crossing the street. Because knowing is half the battle. The video is a PSA from the G.I. Joe TV series. (Thanks for the story Game Press)