Konami Introduces Titles for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch

Konami announced the release of Silent Hill: The Escape and DanceDanceRevolution S Lite for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch yesterday. Both games are currently available for purchase in North America through the Apple App Store. The games had to be redesigned in order to take advantage of the capabilities of the iPhone. Anthony Borquez, Vice President of Konami Mobile and Online said, "Konami Mobile is pleased to deliver some of our most beloved franchises to the iPhone while providing a range of game play depth that casual and hardcore gamers alike are sure to appreciate."


Silent Hill: The Escape offers detailed graphics and terrifying sound effects developed specifically for the iPhone. In this installment of the popular 3D, first-person shooter series players must find their way through an abandoned hospital. Equipped with a gun and a flashlight that slowly dies throughout the game players attempt to fight off monsters and faceless nurses while in search of the key to escape certain doom. Konami utilized the capabilities of the iPhone making players use the tilt sensor as well as requiring players to tap the bullets to reload the gun. Silent Hill: The Escape can be purchased for $7.99 at the Apple App Store.


DanceDanceRevolution S Lite gives players a traditional DDR experience while on the go. Players must tap the arrows on the control pad as they appear on the screen to complete dance moves. The 3D characters and simple controls makes DDR S Lite a great complement to the worldwide popular music rhythm franchise. DanceDanceRevolution S Lite can be downloaded for free at the Apple App Store.