Fantasy Flight Games to Publish Games Workshop Card, Board, Roleplaying Games

This is great news after it was announced that the Dark Heresy line of roleplaying games would be terminated only a couple of days after it was announced that the same line had sold out based on pre-orders alone.

Fantasy Flight Games and Games Workshop jointly announced today that they have reached an agreement for Fantasy Flight Games to become the exclusive
publisher of board games, card games (including collectible card games), and roleplaying games based on Games
Workshop’s family of renowned intellectual properties including Warhammer Fantasy Battles and Warhammer
40,000. Additionally, the deal will grant FFG the exclusive rights to publish new versions of the classic board and
card games titles published by Games Workshop over the last 25 years.

Additionally, a second agreement between the parties will transfer the publication rights and system of the
Universal Fighting System CCG, formerly published by Sabertooth Games, to FFG. “We are just so thrilled to partner with Games Workshop in such an encompassing deal,” said Christian T. Petersen, CEO and founder of FFG. “Not only will we be able to continue the publication of some phenomenal roleplaying, card, and board games currently on the market, but we look forward to creating new games for the popular GW universes!”

"In Fantasy Flight Games, we’ve found a partner who shares our passion for gaming and our dedication to producing the highest quality products,” said Andy Jones, Head of Legal and Licensing for Games Workshop. “the legacy of our board, card, and roleplaying games is in the best possible hands with them, and we are extremely excited about the prospects of seeing some fabulous new games set in our universes as well. ”
"This is the beginning of an exciting new era for the Universal Fighting System," said Stephen Horvath, CEO of
Sabertooth Games. “Fantasy Flight Games are the perfect choice to carry on the UFS line, and fans can expect great new content and more fantastic events supporting their favorite CCG going forward.

FFG will take over the production of Talisman, and plan to produce a new printing and expansions for the 4th edition of this ever-popular classic board game. Further, FFG will continue production and new-product support for the Universal Fighting System CCG, the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay RPG, and the new smash-hit Dark Heresy RPG. More details on FFG’s publication plans for these titles will be provided in the weeks to come.

The agreement does not include certain GW titles in which miniatures feature as the predominant component of the game, such as Space Hulk and Blood Bowl. The Universal Fighting System CCG will continue to be sold as starter and booster packs in a traditional CCG
format. FFG has no current plans to adopt the game to its LCG™ (“Living Card Game”) sales model.