Star Wars The Tech Unleashed

The forthcoming Star Wars game Star Wars The Force Unleashed is the first next generation experience from Lucasarts in this famous mythos (shout outs to Kotaku).  In the video from Game Videos the developers mentioned after the father of THX 1138 gave his blessing the next step was bring their vision to life.  To do this they sought out and merged three amazing technologies to create a dynamic and slightly unpredictable game universe.

  1. Havok Physics
  2. NaturalMotion Euphoria
  3. Pixelux Digital Molecular Matter

Video is after break (click here).


The only way Lucasarts can 1-up my excitement is by announcing a new sequel to Knights of the Old Republic.  I am intrigued at the announcement (thanks Game Informer) of LEGO Indiana Jones as I am a fan of the sizable fun factor of LEGO Star Wars.