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IGN UK Podcast #376: Go, Go Power Fist!

17 hours 5 min ago

Iron Fist, Power Rangers, Free Fire, Orisa, and – what you've all been demanding – more scintillating takes on Beauty and the Beast, the original cartoon and the live-action remake. Yes, that's right, it's what you've been yearning for all week but didn't know until right now. So stop what you're doing, download the podcast below or over on iTunes, or your preferred podcast provider, pop in your earphones, and fall back into oblivion and wait for the kick.

IGN UK Podcast #376: Go, Go Power Fist!

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Razer Wants to Pay You to Play Games

20 hours 1 min ago

Razer announced a new "Paid to Play" initiative today. Launching games through its Razer Cortex software now entitles you to earn zSilver, Razer's virtual currency.

There are currently four games that support the new Paid to Play initiative: Paladins, League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and Overwatch. Since there's a pretty good chance you have at least one of those games, you can start accruing virtual currency the next time you play.

Razer zSilver Initiative

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Twitter Considering Paid, Premium Version for Some Users

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 19:05

Twitter's been sending out surveys rousers, with a mock-up of a more powerful, possibly subscription-based TweetDeck.

A Twitter spokesperson told The Verge the surveys are to gauge interest in "a new, more enhanced version of Tweetdeck." The regular version of Twitter you know and love wouldn't fall into the subscription model.

Twitter says the premium Tweetdeck is aimed at "marketers, journalists, professionals, and others." The new Tweetdeck would include "advanced audience insights

analytics," as well as management tools for monitoring "multiple timelines from multiple accounts and from multiple devices."

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Outlast 2 Edited, Will Come Out in Australia After All

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 18:38

Update: IGN has been advised by the Australian Classification Board that, at the request of Outlast II’s Australian distributor, it will not be providing the Board’s report on its decision until March 25. The Board also explained that “it is satisfied that that the original version of the game that was refused classification has been modified to allow the game to be classified R 18+.”

Earlier today in a statement provided to Press Start Outlast II developer Red Barrels said, “Outlast 2 has been rated R18+ by the Classification Branch in Australia and will be released 26th April 2017. There will be only one version of Outlast 2 available worldwide.”

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The Legend of Master Legend: Amazon Pilot Review

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 18:24

Amazon's "Pilot Season" is here once again and we're taking a look at all the new offerings. The pilots, which you can see here are presented to everyone, for voting and feedback purposes, and then Amazon picks up the ones they feel are received the best to series.

Based on the real life exploits of "superhero" Master Legend -- based out of Winter Park, Florida, though for the show it's been switched to Las Vegas -- Legend of Master Legend stars John Hawkes (remember when we all thought he'd play the Governor on Walking Dead?) as a good samaritan with a delusional quality that prevents him from doing good deeds or community service anonymously. No, Master Legend must come to the rescue in full costume, flaunting his noble ideology, inflicting his righteous personality on a mostly-accepting public.

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The Blackcoat's Daughter Review

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 18:04

Some movies are just plain frustrating. They have a capable cast and an interesting idea at their core, but are never able to utilize these elements in order to make something compelling. Such is the case with writer/director Oz Perkins' The Blackcoat's Daughter.

The film, which stars Emma Roberts, Kiernan Shipka and Lucy Boynton, is the tale of two students at a private school during the February break. Played by Shipka and Boynton respectively, Kat and Rose are in different grades, not friends, and stuck at school for different reasons, but thrust together due to their circumstances. The audience watches as the girls wait to be picked up and things get increasingly dark and disturbing. Naturally, there are tales of odd rituals taking place at the school, and since this is a horror film, the audience must pay attention to those stories.

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A Leak Points to The Evil Within 2's Release Date

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 18:00

Welcome back to Game Scoop!, IGN's weekly video game talk show. This week we're discussing The Evil Within 2, Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda, and more. Watch the video above or download the podcast below.

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Super Mario Run Review

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 18:00
This stylish, addictive platformer has some strong hooks that will keep you coming back.

Earn Bonus Cash and XP in These GTA Online Races

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 18:00
Double your GTA$ and RP gains in these select races, and take 25% off a some special items.

Star Wars to Likely Continue Far Beyond Episode IX

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 17:16

While Disney's original plan was for a trilogy of new Star Wars films, the series will likely continue far beyond Star Wars: Episode IX, company CEO Bob Iger has revealed.

During a USC tech conference today (via Variety), Iger said the creative team is currently looking at "what could be another decade and a half of Star Wars stories."

Iger also discussed how Disney is handling Star Wars: The Last Jedi in the wake of Carrie Fisher's death. "We are not changing

to deal with her passing. Her performance remains as it was in  

," he said.

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Alan Tudyk on Uncharted 4: 'I Don't Play That Game'

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 17:03

Alan Tudyk, the actor who played Wash in Firefly and K-2SO in Rogue One, briefly shared his thoughts on Uncharted 4, which he originally worked on before leaving the project.

On the latest episode of IGN's weekly show Up At Noon, Tudyk was asked if he ever ended up playing Uncharted 4, to which he responded with laughter before saying, "Sorry Nolan North, I have not checked out the finished product." He elaborated, adding, "I don't play that game. I always played Halo."

Tudyk also joking discussed why he doesn't play PlayStation, citing the DualShock's face buttons as the reason. "The buttons are shapes. That's what's kept me from PlayStation," he said. "I don’t know why I don't want to touch triangles."

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Unlocked 288: Mass Effect: Andromeda's Highs and Lows

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 16:47

DOWNLOAD UNLOCKED 288 (Audio version)

This week, Alanah, Marty, Destin, and Miranda get together to gab about Mass Effect: Andromeda, updates to the Xbox One UI, Evil Within 2 rumors, and good bangin'.

Oh, and Unlocked now has its own snazzy new homepage! Bookmark this: go.ign.com/unlocked

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Legion Stars on Filming This Week's Wild Episode

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 16:32

Warning: Full spoilers for the most recent episode of Legion, "Chapter 7," follow.

This week’s Legion -- the penultimate episode of Season 1 -- was a crucial episode for the series, as the identity of the show's main villain was confirmed to be the Shadow King from Marvel comics, while It was made very clear that yes, David Haller’s father is indeed Professor Charles Xavier. Oh sure, Xavier’s name wasn’t said, but all the signs were there if you knew what to look for, starting with a certain wheelchair glimpsed in a flashback and extending into the history lesson David received about the Shadow King and his father.

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Batman: Matt Reeves Wants Apes Producer to Join Movie

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 16:29

The Batman director Matt Reeves reportedly wants to bring his War for the Planet of the Apes producer into the project.

Deadline reports Dylan Clark, who worked with Reeves on the upcoming new Apes film, along with 2014's Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, will likely team up with the filmmaker once again on The Batman. Clark is currently working on several movie projects for Universal, including the Scarface remake.

Ben Affleck was set to write and direct the solo Batman film before stepping down to focus solely on playing the DC superhero. But, Affleck is also still producing the movie.

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X-Men 3 Director Says Rotten Tomatoes Hurt BvS

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 16:06

X-Men: The Last Stand director Brett Ratner believes Rotten Tomatoes is hurting the movie industry.

While speaking at the Sun Valley Film Festival last weekend (via Entertainment Weekly), Ratner called Rotten Tomatoes the "worst thing that we have in today’s movie culture." The filmmaker thinks having an aggregate score for films has diminished film criticism.

“It’s mind-blowing. It’s just insane, it’s hurting the business, it’s getting people to not see a movie," Ratner said.

Ratner's company RatPac Entertainment co-financed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In Ratner's view, even though Batman v Superman went on to gross nearly $900 million at the box office, its low Rotten Tomatoes score ultimately "put a cloud over a movie that was incredibly successful.”

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8 Best Power Rangers Pop Vinyls

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 15:52

The ridiculousness of the Power Rangers franchise is directly proportional to its incredible multimedia success. Those who cut their teeth on the series have now come of age, and their desire to surround themselves with the flames of youth grows warmer each day.

If you're a diehard Power Rangers fan, you no doubt have a few Funko Pop Vinyl figures standing guard on a display shelf or your desk. Of the many variations of Power Ranger Pops, these are definitely the best and most desirable.

Alpha 5 Walmart Exclusive

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All the Funko Exclusives at Star Wars Celebration

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 15:09

Funko has revealed its lineup of exclusive figures that will be available at Star Wars Celebration 2017.

According to Funko's two-part announcement, POP! figures of Han Solo, Hoth Princess Leia, Rey riding a Speeder, and many others will be at this year's celebration. Additionally, Jabba the Hutt and Salacious B. Crumb plushies, as well as a Proto Suit Boba Fett Wobble will be available. Check out the gallery below to see all of these and more.

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Why You Need to Watch Death Note

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 14:41

Death Note is the kind of show where you try to watch one episode, but end up losing an entire weekend to its exhaustingly-tense cat-and-mouse chase, and you aren’t even mad about it. Despite some poorly-received plot choices in the middle, it’s an intelligently written, smartly paced and consistently engrossing series that’s being made into a live-action film on Netflix on August 25, but you should probably watch the anime first (it's streaming on Netflix and Hulu) anyway, even if you don’t tend to like anime.

For those who’ve never heard of it (minor story spoilers to follow), Death Note is a 2006 anime adaptation of a 2003 manga that follows the story of Light Yagami, a high school student who happens across a supernatural notebook that grants him the ability to kill anyone, any way he likes, just by writing their name in the book. Light, considering himself a vigilante, tries to use the book to ‘cleanse the world of evil’, and effectively plays God, which leads an incredibly skilled detective to try to hunt him down. It’s not easy to find someone who can kill someone with natural causes without even being near them, but the book does have some important rules and caveats, and so the cat-and-mouse chase begins.

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A Closer Look at Destiny's Age of Triumph Gear

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 14:39

Yesterday, Bungie hosted a live stream showing off a ton of new and revised gear and weapons from Destiny's upcoming (and final) Age of Triumph update.

You can now get a closer look at some of the Raid armor, weapons, and more coming to Destiny in the gallery below.

Destiny's Age of Triumph update goes live on Tuesday, March 28 at 10am PT.

Chloi Rad is an Associate Editor for IGN. Follow her on Twitter at @_chloi.

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EA Play Games Lineup Announced

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 14:15

Electronic Arts has announced its games lineup for its E3-adjacent event EA Play.

The upcoming Star Wars Battlefront sequel will be playable for fans attending EA Play this year, as will FIFA 18, NBA LIVE 18, Madden NFL 18, and the new entry in the Need for Speed series. New, unannounced games revealed during EA Play could also be playable at the event, though no such plans have been revealed.

Along with game demos, EA Play 2017, which EA announced earlier this year, will also include live broadcasts, community contests and more. Tickets go on sale on April 20, with the event taking place from June 10 to 12 at the Hollywood Palladium.

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